Drottningsparken, Örebro, Sweden 2015.

Our public artwork for the skaterpark in Örebro is titled The Silverlining.  With a nod to the skateparks long awaited arrival, its location and most of all to the identity and lifestyle of the skaters we take these English expressions into use to describe the many ways in which the earthly human connects to the heavenly universe:
– Every cloud has a silver lining
A metaphor for the idea that even in times of darkness there are bright spots.
– The sky is the limit
A metaphor for endless possibilities.

Silver Lining consists of two works of art. The first, Port is placed at the main entrance of the park and is constructed of steel tubes. The second, Volcano is a sculpture placed at the edge of the little bowl and is constructed of concrete and mosaics. In both of these works our aim is to impart a visual experience to the park and its users. An experience that mirrors the human need to challenge the terrestrial, gravity and the limitations of the body and feel the sublime, the supernatural and come a little closer to heaven.

The skatepark is one of Swedens largest with its 2500 m2.
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