Permanent artwork for the Maria Sol Nursing Home

Our site specific artwork for the Maria Sol Nursing Home is a series of bronze sculptures titled
Sun, Wind and Water.

It is a narrative of freedom, presence and play that connects being human with imagination and longing and links it to Helsingborg, a port city beautifully situated by the ocean just south of the Kulla Peninsula.

A bearing visual element and point of departure of the project is paper with its subtle expressive possibilities. We weave our sculptural paper figures into simple and more complicated forms; paper airplanes, a paper boat and an origami sun.

For the residents, the staff and guests that use the Maria Sol Garden we want to create a series that jump-starts associations to breathing, to thinking freely, of the feeling of having wind under your wings.

The title is inspired by the Swedish musician Ted Gärdestads’ song of the same name ”Sol Vind Och Vatten”

Sol, vind och vatten
höga berg och djupa hav
Det, är mina drömmar vävda av

Sun, wind and water
High mountains and deep sea
It is this my dreams are woven from

The sculptural pieces are all cast in bronze and then painted. They are situated four different places in the garden and comprise a progression of assorted experiences that reveal themselves as one walks around the grounds.