Italian stone (singing version)
 1997 – 99. Marble (carrara ordinario), metalstand, soundsystem inside with recorded elderly men singing and talking. Permanent installed at E[...]
EXIT 99 Final degree show 1999, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts / Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi. April – June at Kunstforeningen Gl Strand,  Copenhagen. I showed a [...]
1997: Thoughtbubble (Tankebubbla) Multiple object in different material. Size approx. 15 cm high.   Thoughtbubble in porcelain: Thoughtbubble in aluminum: Thoughtbubble in bro[...]
1996. Thought in corner. Plaster, about 40 x 40 x 35 cm. Sitespecific work for the exhibition I´m coming up at Stalke Gallery, Copenhagen – 96.   Installationview at Sta[...]

A Commentary / En kommentar 1996. Material: polyester. Size: 200 X 110 x 110 cm Installationview at Forum Gallery, Malmö 1996:  [...]
1995. Speechbubbles (Pratbubblor) Installation with objects in plaster. Size approx 25 cm Installationview at Galleri Down-Town, Copenhagen, from the exhibition Trust me, I´m Swedi[...]