Bubblecube is a small structure consisting of metal chain, thin rope resting in soapy water.
When you pull the rope the design develops, and a geometric sculpture in soap arises.
Bubblecube examines soap-bubble possibilities, and the refraction of light through a transparent material.
Shown at Shadow & Light, Lovestad, 2010.


Experimenting with soap solutions for the piece:test-bubbla

Shadow & Light was a 4-week set of installations, performances and workshops on the theme shadow and light.
Link to Shadow & Light website!
This event took place in Lövestad, in the Kulturmöllan in South Sweden, btw 10th July and 31st July 2010.
Shadow & Light is by Marek Walczak, Lars Eklöw, Johanna Kindvall & Anna-Maria Eklöw.

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