2007. Our love can never die…ha ha ha. Ink on paper Size 56 x 76 cm Detail from drawing:  [...]
2005, Geneflower Bronze, size approw 1 m high At Overgaden, Copenhagen: Here at AURA, Lund: The Geneflower – videoinstallation with bronzesculpture and animation .[...]
The Return of Lenin 2000. A film by  Lena Ignestam, Per Gustafsson, and Christel Lundberg. Length: 5 min. Editing: Ulf Södergren Based on (the true) story about Lenin´s visit in St[...]
2005. Pulse. Painted MDF-board Size approx. 2,5 m high Pulse: installationview at Overgaden – Institute for contemporary art, Copenhagen In foreground Heroes    [...]
2007. The days in between a past and future town 1-2 Installation with a big photo mounted on metalstand and colorphoto on wall. Installationview at AURA, Lund: Installationview at[...]
Morph Estate II In December 2009 the sculpture Morph Estate II was permanently installed in the library at Malmö Latinskola. The school was established in 1406, and has around a 80[...]