S.P.I.F – Solar Power Industrial Flower 2000. Stop motionfilm run by solarpower. Sitespecific work for the exhibition Aktion:koloni, Sibbarps allotmentgardens, Malmö S.P.I.F [...]
Drawings 2003 – 04. Ink on paper. Size 30 x 30 x 30 cm[...]
Dandelion, 2011. Hardback/ artistbook with pop-up insert photo. Size 42 x 29 cm. Edition: One.[...]
2007. Cowboy I & II Painting on plastic-cels, inkdrawing. Size 31 x 23 cm.   Detail from Cowboy I Detail from Cowboy II  [...]
Seven Views, Platform 7, Charlottenborg 2003 The exhibition Platform 7 consisted of seven individual large-scale sculptures,  formed as platforms: Seven individual sculptures takin[...]
Bellevue 2001. Colorphotos in a serie of 5, for the exhibition jmf.tilhør for Galleri G.U.N. From the serie Bellevue. From the serie Bellevue. Installationview Galleri G.U.N, Oslo,[...]
ALIBI 2001. Alibi – alle lever i byens igloer, Den frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen Installation (sculpture, small objects in bronze and plaster, animated film, photo). Installa[...]
The Strange / Det Fremmede 2004. A collaborationwork with the group Platform 7. Sculptures / models made as a relay race between the 7 artists in Platform 7, as an investigation of[...]
MAMA 2004.  A collaborationwork with the group Platform 7 at Den Frie Exhibition Hall, Copenhagen. For the exhibition Gæstefrihed. The installation MAMA dealt with questions on the[...]
2005. The collector / Samlaren Material: porcelain, plastic, wood The collector. Detail. 12 porcelainobjects on fireplace: Installationview at Overgaden – Institute for contemporar[...]