Change of plans Colorphoto. 70 x 100 cm size. 2001. From photosession. in Monument Valley, USA.      [...]
Frieze of touches from the exhibition A pedibus usque ad caput / From feet to head, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen 2010 Frieze of Touches, animated movie, 3,08 min long. The theme in t[...]
Bubblecube is a small structure consisting of metal chain, thin rope resting in soapy water. When you pull the rope the design develops, and a geometric sculpture in soap arises. B[...]
 Commission for Malmö University Hospital UMAS/RegionFastigheter Södra Skåne. Permanent sculpture installation for the new emergency and infectious diseases unit at Malmö Universit[...]
2001 Behind the border / Bakom planket Wooden fence of wide planks, animated film. Two girls behind a fence… …whispering and gossiping. Installationview Art Association[...]
2013, Feb 23 – 24: 2 – day workshop at the nice studios at KKV Grafik, Malmoe – a studio and workshop for artists working with printmaking techniques.  [...]
I want to be an Indian 2007. Colourphoto, feathers from budgies, pearls, leather, glass, wood etc. Our dear budgie Kevin was model for the portrait.Suites a bird perfectly! Our dea[...]
Galleri Moment, Ängelholm 4 april – 5 maj 2012: Stromboli och andra trakter – teckning och animation Utställningen på Galleri Moment handlar om rörelse och förändring. [...]
THE FOLDED SPACE – Artist´s Books With Drawings In Several Dimensions During February 2013, a few pop op-artistbooks by Lena Ignestam and Christina of is shown at the very ni[...]
POP-UP-WORKSHOP LÖR. 30/6 – SÖN. 1/7 2012 på Krets med Lena Ignestam (S) och Christina Bredahl Duelund (DK) Krets program[...]