Moulin Verte (The Green Mill) – a 3-dimensional drawing in motion, made in pop-up technique  with sound. Collabortion withartist Christina Bredahl Duelund for the the second trienn[...]
2012 / 2013: A serie of artistbooks made in pop-up technique installed in a monter, with hidden mechanics and  software inside. Press the button and the drawing folds out! Size har[...]
The movie to Drop Rock – by Lena Ignestam Sculptures to sit on. Public artwork for new square in Ursvik, Stockholm by Zunino Ignestam Studio, that is Lena Ignestam in collabo[...]
Public artwork for the square in Ursvik, Stockholm. Organised by Stora Ursvik KB. Done by Zunino Ignestam Studio, that is Lena Ignestam in collaboration with artist Carina Zunino, [...]
In the distance, I see the next stop, 2003. Walldrawing ( about 8 m), plastermountain, wooden bridge From the exhibition Temporary Spaces, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen 2003   &n[...]
2013, June 29 – 30: ÖSKG / Tjörnedala The Art Gallery, Baskemölla,  2 – day workshop. At the countryside of Österlen, we had a 2-day summerworkshop för members of ÖSKG [...]
2013. The  movie Stromboli was shown at the groupshow På Godt og Ondt  – 25 danske grafikere. April 20 – May 19. SAK Kunstbygning, Svendborg  [...]
Frieze of Touches, animated movie, 3,08 min long. The theme in the film is about tactility,  and the magic of thouching. Made for the exhibition A pedibus usque ad caput / From fee[...]
Porcelainobjects with ceramic drawings. 2007 Details from All my boys and girls:           [...]
 Sculpture in roof, approx 3,2 m diameter. Material: plaster. 2007 Under construction:  [...]