Works 2000 – 2009

This is some of my works during 2000 – 2009.

Morph Estate II In December 2009 the sculpture Morph Estate II was permanently installed in the library at Malmö Latinskola. The school was established in 1406, and has around a 80[...]
 Sculpture in roof, approx 3,2 m diameter. Material: plaster. 2007 Under construction:  [...]
I want to be an Indian 2007. Colourphoto, feathers from budgies, pearls, leather, glass, wood etc. Our dear budgie Kevin was model for the portrait.Suites a bird perfectly! Our dea[...]
Porcelainobjects with ceramic drawings. 2007 Details from All my boys and girls:           [...]

Roofsculpture; a transformed stucco. 2005 – 2007. Size approx. 60 cm diameter. Material: plaster. Limited edition of 15. Here is a Stucco at Mariana and Olles house… &#[...]
Svunna tider / Bygone times 2004. Plaster on wooden base. About 280 cm high. From the exhibition Spejlinger i gips/Reflections in Plaster – The Interplay between the traditio[...]
The Cloud is Landing 2006 – 2008: Commission for The National Public Art Council Sweden and the school of Vä, Kristianstad. A varm outdoor permanent sculpture in schoolyard. [...]
In the distance, I see the next stop, 2003. Walldrawing ( about 8 m), plastermountain, wooden bridge From the exhibition Temporary Spaces, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen 2003   &n[...]

Drawings 2003 – 04. Ink on paper. Size 30 x 30 x 30 cm[...]
Oh, you are the roots that sleeps beneath my feet and hold the earth in place, 2007. Installation with b/w digital print on wood och small objects made af wood – tiaras made [...]
Seven tiaras made of branches and twigs. Part of the artinstallation  Oh, you are the roots that sleeps beneath my feet and hold the earth in place, 2007.[...]
Overview 2003. Drawing on sculpture, material: plaster Size approx.diameter 50 cm   From the exhibition Temporary Spaces, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen 2003:[...]

Ruggen / The Clump 2002. Colorphoto with acrylic paint. Size 50 X 70 cm.[...]
Change of plans Colorphoto. 70 x 100 cm size. 2001. From photosession. in Monument Valley, USA.      [...]
Top of the world 2001. Animated movie, sound of the wind Videoinstallation at Galleri 54, Gothenborg, 2001: The dress and the hair is moving in the wind, while the woman is looking[...]
Skyline 2000. Installation with animation and papiermaché-sculpture. Installation with transparent moviescreen, animation, sound etc. Size approx. 5 m long. Shown at Shoot – [...]

2007. The days in between a past and future town 1-2 Installation with a big photo mounted on metalstand and colorphoto on wall. Installationview at AURA, Lund: Installationview at[...]
Fucking in the bushes 2001. Serie with 3 photos, with text hidden in pictures. Text says: fucking in the bushes with small letraset-letters. Size 50 x 70 cm Installationview at AUR[...]
Morph Estate 2005. A site-specific installation at OVERGADEN – Institute For Contemporary Art, Copenhagen. From presentation of exhibition: ”The Swedish artist Lena Ignestam,[...]
2004. Painted wood, iron. Size 2,5 m high. Galleri M Sculpture Park, Bogense, Denmark .  [...]

2006: A small but extraordinary world – Commission for Lunds Konsthall / Lundafastigheter Permanent sculpture installation in entrance and stairs at Margaretavägen Nursing Ho[...]
2005, Geneflower Bronze, size approw 1 m high At Overgaden, Copenhagen: Here at AURA, Lund: The Geneflower – videoinstallation with bronzesculpture and animation .[...]
2001. Container Bronzeobject with plastic screw cap (approx. 15 x 10 x 6 cm) Property of The National Public Art Council / Statens Konstråd[...]
2005. The collector / Samlaren Material: porcelain, plastic, wood The collector. Detail. 12 porcelainobjects on fireplace: Installationview at Overgaden – Institute for contemporar[...]

2007. Cowboy I & II Painting on plastic-cels, inkdrawing. Size 31 x 23 cm.   Detail from Cowboy I Detail from Cowboy II  [...]
2003. I’m resting and waiting / Jag vilar och väntar Walldrawing at Lunds Konsthall, in connection with exhibition Aura 75 år; 15 November 2003  – 6 januari 2004[...]
2007. Our love can never die…ha ha ha. Ink on paper Size 56 x 76 cm Detail from drawing:  [...]
2005. Pulse. Painted MDF-board Size approx. 2,5 m high Pulse: installationview at Overgaden – Institute for contemporary art, Copenhagen In foreground Heroes    [...]

Seven Views, Platform 7, Charlottenborg 2003 The exhibition Platform 7 consisted of seven individual large-scale sculptures,  formed as platforms: Seven individual sculptures takin[...]
MAMA 2004.  A collaborationwork with the group Platform 7 at Den Frie Exhibition Hall, Copenhagen. For the exhibition Gæstefrihed. The installation MAMA dealt with questions on the[...]
The Strange / Det Fremmede 2004. A collaborationwork with the group Platform 7. Sculptures / models made as a relay race between the 7 artists in Platform 7, as an investigation of[...]
The Return of Lenin 2000. A film by  Lena Ignestam, Per Gustafsson, and Christel Lundberg. Length: 5 min. Editing: Ulf Södergren Based on (the true) story about Lenin´s visit in St[...]

S.P.I.F – Solar Power Industrial Flower 2000. Stop motionfilm run by solarpower. Sitespecific work for the exhibition Aktion:koloni, Sibbarps allotmentgardens, Malmö S.P.I.F [...]
ALIBI 2001. Alibi – alle lever i byens igloer, Den frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen Installation (sculpture, small objects in bronze and plaster, animated film, photo). Installa[...]
Bellevue 2001. Colorphotos in a serie of 5, for the exhibition jmf.tilhør for Galleri G.U.N. From the serie Bellevue. From the serie Bellevue. Installationview Galleri G.U.N, Oslo,[...]